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Croatia Yacht Charter

Increasingly gaining a reputation as a brilliant alternative to the bustling and busy cruising grounds of the Western Mediterranean, a Croatia yacht charter offers a unique blend of history, traditional cultures, beautiful landscapes and cosmopolitan living. Read on to discover our highlights, ensuring that your Croatia yacht rental experience is one to remember.

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One of the facts attracting people from all over the world is a large number of islands off Croatia’s coast – 1145 islands. From tiny, classified by specialists to the category of rocks and reefs (467), to extensive ones, with a total area of several tens of square kilometers. The Croatian islands are a paradise for couples, as about 400 islands are uninhabited. You can moor nearby and enjoy feeling in harmony with nature for a few hours. One of the most picturesque islands in Croatia is the island of Hvar, which is famous for being completely overgrown with lavender.
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As the second-largest city in Croatia, Split offers the perfect balance between modernity and tradition. Top spots to visit on your Croatia yacht charter include Dioletian’s Palace (a Unesco World Heritage Site), which is home to dozens of buzzing restaurants, bars and shops nestled among the atmospheric ancient walls. Get lost in this labyrinth by day, and spend the evening taking in the incomparible atmosphere, either from one of the hospitable local restaurants or from the luxurious comfort of your yacht for charter.


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No Croatia yacht charter would be complete without an outing to the extraordinary walled city of Dubrovnik, Croatia’s most famous travel destination and a beautifully-preserved Unesco World Heritage Site, despite being relentlessly shelled during the Homeland War of the 1990s. Come here for medieval mona staries, baroque churches, elegant squares and sturdy towers, and then stay for a drink as the sun sets over the city walls, before retiring to the comfort of your superyacht for the night, for a Croatia yacht rental experience you won’t forget
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Transport yourself to another world at tthe island paradise of Mljet. Covered in dense pine forest as far as the eye can see, legend has it that Odysseus himself was marooned here for seven years, and there’s a high chance you also won’t be in any rush to leave. Go to the west for the tranquil port of Pomena, the island monastery and cobalt-covered lakes, and the east for beautiful beaches, local flavour at buzzing restaurants and peaceful bays.