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Stunning landscapes

The glistening jewel of the Mediterranean crown

Sardinia yacht charter

The glistening jewel of the Mediterranean crown, the stunning island of Sardinia, has long been favored as a yachting hotspot. Offering more than 2,000 km of beautiful coastline filled with scalloped sandy bays, hidden rocky coves and sheer cliff sides, what better way to discover the beauty and charm of this Italian island than via a Sardinian yacht charter? Sardinia is home to several cosmopolitan towns, charming seaside ports, and secluded villages, providing the ideal balance between old-world charm and modern-day living. As a significant amount of the island is also dedicated to nature preservation, visitors will enjoy retreating into the calm, tranquil natural and marine parks. With so many options to explore during your Sardinia yacht charter, learn more about the island and its possibilities.

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Natural beauty at its best

Located off the coast of Italy, Sardinia is known for its pristine sandy beaches surrounded by clear, azure waters and exclusive restaurants, resorts and designer boutiques. The second largest island in the Mediterranean, Sardinia is an ideal destination point for broader cruising in the Med. Towards the island’s northeast lies the popular yachting haven of Costa Smeralda. Further north lies the Maddalena archipelago, comprising nearly 60 islands with some of the finest swimming, snorkeling and diving in the area.
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Costa Smeralda & Porto Cervo

Carved into upright cliffs, the cutout bays of Costa Smeralda – the Emerald Coast – are aptly named. The main focal point of the coast is Porto Cervo, which offers a new, state-of-art marina that is also home to the exclusive Yacht Club Costa Smeralda. During the month of September, the port overflows with yachting enthusiasts, who come to watch the annual Sardinia Cup Regatta. The perfect place to begin or end a Sardinia yacht charter, the port is home to many high-end boutiques, fine-dining restaurants, chic bars and more.

Cala Luna

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Arguably one of the most stunning beaches on the entire island, Cala Luna is set against a beautiful backdrop of spectacular limestone cliffs covered in thick green foliage. A secluded, crescent-shaped white sand beach surrounded by turquoise wares, this is the place for relaxation under the sun. As the waters are calm, due to the protection from the cliffs, it is also the best spot to break out the yacht’s water toys.
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La Maddalena Islands

No visit to Sardinia is incomplete without exploring the magnificent La Maddalena National Park. A spectacular marine reserve filled with uninhabited islands and sandy beaches, this archipelago is renowned for its untouched natural landscapes filled with unique flora and fauna. The main island, La Maddalena, is home to quaint cobblestone streets filled with local boutiques and cafes, while many of the islands remain untouched. Perfect for sunbathing, cruising, and cruising, several of the islands also offer hiking trails with beautiful views of the surroundings.