Monte Carlo Yachts for Sale

Monte Carlo Yachts For Sale

Bénéteau Group

Made in Italy

Combining the best of Made in Italy with industry know-how, Italian yachting brand Monte Carlo Yachts was founded in 2008 in Monfalcone, Italy. Owned by leading sailboat manufacturer Bénéteau Group, the brand gave designers Nuvolari Lenard free rein to create its first model, the MCY 76. Unveiled in Venice in 2010, the model is successful and gains popularity overseas in China and the United States. Monte Carlo Yachts expands its range steadily over the years and introduces new models such as the MCY86 and MCY 65. In 2015 the company introduces its biggest yacht to date, the custom 32-metre MCY105 signalling a new era for the yard. Currently offering nine models in its fleet, this includes the MCY Sky Lounge in two sizes, the MCY80, and the MCY96. Learn more about the latest Monte Carlo Yacht for sale and the newest Monte Carlo Yacht prices by browsing our range of yachts.

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