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one of the most famous shipyards

Riva yachts for sale

Riva remains one of the most famous shipyards due to its iconic series like the 100′ Corsaro and 110′ Dolcevita. Founded in 1842 by shipbuilder Pietro Riva, the yard truly began to flourish following World War I when it began producing leisure vessels and speedboats. Later on in the 1950s, the brand cemented its reputation as one of the market leaders, developing high-quality premium wooden yachts. With more than 175 years of experience, Riva continues to push its boundaries delivering larger superyachts while focusing on design, innovation and innovation. Instantly recognisable, Riva’s flagship series includes 110’ Dolcevita, 100’ Corsaro, 88’ Florida, 90′ Argo, 76’ Perse Super New, 68’ Diable New, 76′ Bahamas, 66’ Ribelle, 63’ Virtus, 56′ Rivale, Dolceriva, Rivamare, Aquariva Super and Iseo. Browse through our range of Riva yachts for sale and discover where you can buy your ideal Riva yacht.

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