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Trawler Yachts for Sale

What is a trawler, and what distinguishes it from other yachts? While some may think of fishing trawlers, commercial fishing boats, or workboats, there is much more to this powerful yacht than this. Trawlers yachts are powerful vessels designed to effectively accommodate and support the cruising lifestyle. Next to offering phenomenal sea-keeping abilities and transatlantic range to reach even the most remote anchorages, trawlers are reminiscent of the design aspects of a workboat when it comes to exterior design. Usually full-displacement with a stable hull, a trawler yacht is a functional recreational vessel that provides extended living accommodations at anchor, and additional abilities, such as cranes to carry, launch, and retrieve a tender or accommodations to store jet skis on deck. Although form follows functionality, trawlers can be just as luxurious and exclusive onboard as leading flybridge or tri-deck motor yachts. Depending on your needs and how you plan to use your yacht, a trawler may be the right choice for you. Browse our selection of trawlers available or contact one of Moana Yachting’s brokers to find out more.