Santorini Yacht Charter

santorini yacht charter

black and red sands

santorini yacht charter

Whether you’re exploring the colourful beaches with black and red sands, the archaeological intrigues of three empires, or taking in the magical views of the turquoise caldera at sunset, the island of Santorini is an absolute must-visit for any Greece yacht charter.

rugged landscapes

santorini boat charter

Santorini was the site of the Minoan eruption around 1650 BC, one of the largest volcanic incidents in history, which caused the centre of what was a single island to collapse into the sea, shaping its rugged landscape today. Today, there are two inhabited islands and several islets to visit – read on to discover how to squeeze every drop out of your Santorini yacht charter.
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Thanks to its unique landscape carved out by the eruption, Santorini is renowned for its incredible sunsets. To see this at its best during your Santorini yacht charter, you need to pay a visit to Oia. If you’re looking to avoid the crowds, take advantage of the flexibility afforded by your Santorini yacht rental and come to see the sunrise instead, surrounded by whitewashed houses and blue-domed churches. For those looking for adventure, you can also take on the 2.5-hour hike between Oia and Fira, offering stunning views of the ocean as far as the eye can see.

Amoudi Bay

santorini yacht charter
A trip to Amoudi Bay offers the perfect opportunity to make the most of your yacht for charter. Follow an afternoon or exhilarating cliff jumping and refreshing swimming in the crystal-clear waters with a delicious cocktail in one of the authentic local restaurants, before heading back to your yacht, armed with the freshest of seafood for your crew to prepare a gourmet evening meal.
santorini yacht charter
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Red Beach

Hiding behind a spectacular sheer cliff wall is the famously colourful beach. Accessible by boat from Akrotiri, Kamari and Permissa ports, you can take in the wild scenery from the comfort of your yacht, with its contrasting azure waters and red pebbles in the sea. This is an unmissable excursion for anyone undertaking a Santorini yacht rental.