Red Sea Yacht Charter

Red Sea Yacht Charter

Unique desert landscapes

Vibrant, thriving coral reefs

There are a few destinations on this planet that offer such a unique experience as the Red Sea. A Red Sea yacht charter is the ideal way to explore this region, known for its glazed expanse of turquoise waters surrounded by varying desert landscapes filled with ancient sites and rich cultures. Famed for its world-class diving, the vast crystal clear waters are teeming with rich, biodiverse ecosystems. An underwater playground with over 2,000 kilometres of reef stretching along its coastline, expect to see everything from rays to octopus turtles and thousands of fish species living amongst the rainbow-coloured corals. A Red Sea yacht charter offers direct access to the maze of reefs, wrecks, atolls and more, as well as the stunning archaeological sites, old settlements and towering fortresses.


Thriving nightlife and calm Old Town

An ideal place to begin or end a charter across the Red Sea, the yachting hub of Hurghada is known for its thriving nightlife and tranquil, calm Old Town. Explore the two sides of this port city by venturing into the Old Town and wandering along its beautiful seafront promenade before embracing its hedonistic side and dancing the night away at one of its many nightclubs and bars. There are also plenty of land-based adventures for those feeling adventurous, such as camel safari or dune buggy ride into the desert available.
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The gateway for pilgrimages to the Islamic holy cities, Jeddah is a renowned commercial hub as well. The place to indulge in some luxury shopping, explore the boutiques near the Corniche, a seafront promenade or take in some of its thriving contemporary art scene at one of its famous galleries.


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Known for its fascinating history, visit the ancient fortress of Salah El-Din (Saladin) on Pharaoh island. Offering stunning views of the coastlines of Saudi Arabia and Jordan, leave more about the past of the citadel before heading back to your yacht to enjoy some snorkelling in the shallow waters.
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Sharm El Sheikh yacht charter

Sharm El Sheikh

Offering several first-class beaches, access to dive sites at the Ras Mohammed National Park and a wide range of luxury resorts, this cosmopolitan city is sure to astound you. Unwind on a beach after snorkelling or diving along the coral reefs. Afterwards, explore the Old Market and Al Sahaba Mosque in the Old Town and Soho Square with the famous dancing fountain.