Seychelles Yacht Charter

Seychelles Yacht Charter

Protected wildlife at its finest

Pristine Natural Splendours

The perfect paradise escape from the humdrum of daily life, this fantastic group of islands is known for its fascinating blend of cultures, stunning beaches and untouched nature reserves. When cruising through Seychelles, you may think you’ve accidentally stumbled onto a film-set, as many of the islands seem too beautiful, too pristine to be real. Still, this archipelago of 115 islands is celebrated for its out-of-this-world beauty. Filled to the brim with natural wonders, it’s no surprise that Seychelles has two UNESCO World Heritage sites; Aldabra, the second biggest raised coral atoll in the world and Vallée de Mai, prehistoric forests of giant coco de Mer palm. The ideal winter destination, a magical Seychelles yacht charter, ensures you can experience the best of the region’s crystal-clear waters, bright coral reefs and charming villages, all from the luxury of your yacht.

Vallée de Mai, Praslin

UNESCO World Heritage-listed reserve

A UNESCO World Heritage-listed nature reserve, the Vallée de Mai on the island of Praslin is home to a treasure trove of indigenous flora and fauna. One of only two sites in the world where you can see the giant Coco de Mer palm in its natural habitat, you can hike through the ancient palm forests and feel like you’ve travelled back in time to the prehistoric age. While exploring the forests, keep an eye out for the Seychelles bulbul and warbler, the blue pigeon and the endangered black parrot native to the island.
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La Digue

An ideal anchorage, life moves at a slower pace on the island of La Digue. Explore the quaint fishing port of La Passe, where locals still use ox-carts and stop by the market. The pristine white sand beaches are sheltered by the coral reefs, which offer some beautiful diving and snorkelling opportunities.


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A former leper colony, the island of Curieuse was once known as Red Island due to the colour of its earth. Renamed by the French in 1768, this lovely island is home to a small population of giant tortoises, which were once extinct due to European explorers but have made a comeback since the island has become a protected area.
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A heavily forested granite island just 4 kilometres east of La Digue, the island of Felicité was once home to a coconut plantation. Featuring a Six Senses resort, enjoy hiking across the island before heading to the resort for a treatment at the spa.