Montenegro Yacht Charter

Montenegro Yacht Charter

Old-world charm meets modern-day luxury

Pearl of the Adriatic Sea

The glistening Pearl of the Adriatic Sea, the Balkan country of Montenegro, is rapidly emerging as one of the leading destinations for charter yachts. With a stunning natural landscape characterised by majestic mountains, rolling hills and endless beaches, its picturesque coastline is dotted with historical towns and medieval cities just waiting to be explored. A Montenegro yacht charter offers the ideal combination of beautiful nature, rich culture and traditions with modern-day luxuries.

New mountainous paradise

Rolling hillsides

Montenegro may be small, but it has plenty of stunning sites to see. Boasting one of the most pristine stretches of Adriatic coastline with picture-perfect bays dotted with small islands, like Sveti Stefan. The still-as-glass Bay of Kotor is the ideal cruising ground for a romantic afternoon. An iconic bay resembling a fjord, hemmed in by rugged cliffs and charming towns, the historic city of Kotor, filled with fortifications and streets, is a dreamy setting for a cosy exploration walk.
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Budva is known for its energy and fun atmosphere. A vibrant town, learn all about the history of Montenegro while enjoying a taste of its famous nightlife. Part of the Budva Riviera, this town is reopened for its thriving night scene, beaches and historical sites. Take in the view of the town from the deck of your yacht before heading ashore to explore the winding streets of its mediaeval town centre. Be sure to take in the Venetians’ stone walls before stopping by the seaside citadel and the Church of Santa Maria, built in the 9th century. Afterwards, just follow the sound of music and party the night away at Jazz Beach, where musicians like Rolling Stones and Madonna have played.


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Begin your Montenegro yacht charter in the state-of-the-art marina Port Montenegro in Tivat. Nestled within the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Bay of Kotor, this harbour is a residence and playground for international jetsetters, featuring several fine-dining establishments, offices, an exclusive beach club, and a luxury spa. Before boarding your charter yacht, you can also enjoy some high-end shopping at its leading boutiques.
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Offering some of the clearest, most sparkling and cleanest waters in Europe, Bigova Bay is the ideal place to stop for lunch. Home to a charming small fishing village filled with traditional restaurants, it is the best place to try some of the local cuisines. Enjoy a delicious meal of mussels, lobster or fresh fish cooked in the traditional manner of Montenegro at the restaurant Konoba Grispolis, where the owners come from a long family of fishermen. Take a toll along the quaint waterfront or indulge in a refreshing dip in the glistening waters.