Corsica Yacht Charter

Corsica Yacht Charter

Stunning mountainous island

Yacht Charter Corsica

A stunning mountainous island off the Italian coast, Corsica is known for its unique national identity. Technically part of France, the island retains a special character and culture, merging its French and Italian influences to create its Corsican charm. A jewel in the Mediterranean crown, its wonderful cuisine, culture, historical sites and natural landscapes are waiting to be discovered during a Corsica yacht charter. Read on to learn more about the highlights of Corsica.

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home to a range of landscapes

A place where the old-world customs and new effortlessly work together in harmony, visitors can expect to encounter the laidback lifestyle favoured across the Mediterranean mixed with the French effortlessly sophisticated manners and the distinct Italian manners. Nicknamed the island of beauty, Corsica is home to a range of landscapes from red sheer cliffs to medieval stone villages and dramatic gorges covered in trees.
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With over 1,000 kilometres of coastline, Corsica is known for its sandy beaches. Explore its many hidden coves, secluded isles and craggy peninsulas during your Corsica yacht charter. The island also boasts the one of a kind Scandola Nature Reserve, a marine and land-based protected area located on a volcano that collapsed into the sea. Home to an abundance of flora and fauna, it’s been added to UNESCO’s World Heritage list, so why not embark on a journey to the heart of Corsica’s nature!


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Ajaccio, the capital of Corsica, is also the birthplace of French Emperor Napoléon Bonaparte. A bustling port city, his ancestral home, Maison Bonaparte, is now a museum that traces the history of the former emperor and exhibits family heirlooms. Be sure to stop by the baroque, 16th-century Notre-Dame Cathedral, where Bonaparte was baptised, to see paintings by Delacroix and Tintoretto.
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Porto Vecchio

Porto Vecchio houses one of the most beautiful and photographed bays in all of Corsica. The walls of its 16th century Genoese citadel have become a popular historical attraction among the lively squares, vaulted passages and narrow staircases found throughout the port city.