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When it comes to exploring the most remote, far-flung areas of the world, there is no vessel better suited for adventure than an explorer yacht. Designed with long-distance cruising in mind, explorer yachts are highly seaworthy and safe, even in the roughest and toughest environments. Unlike motor yachts or sailing yachts, explorer yachts can remain out at sea for extended periods of time, without having to refuel or take on additional storages. With a focus on luxurious long-range travel, these types of yachts have plenty of storage space, can generate freshwater and offer appropriate waste management. Known for their state of the art navigation systems and functions, explorer yachts push the boundaries of innovation. These types of yachts tend to have a full displacement hull to ensure optimal safety and comfort when traversing around the world. Many explorer yachts are Polar Code B compliant and can break through the ice. The perfect vessel to take around the globe our superyacht sales fleet includes the best explorer yachts on the market.